Richard Russell XL Talks About Working With Gil Scott-Heron

Ahead of Benji B’s show on Sunday, here’s a short but fascinating interview preview between the radio DJ and Richard Russell, head of XL, about Gil Scott-Heron.

Russell knew Gill very well, after producing his album ‘I’m New Here’ and releasing it on his label XL. He described the legend as a “father figure”, ending a tribute on his personal blog with these words:

I have shared some of the best experiences of my life with Gil, and I feel so priveleged to have known him. In that last conversation we had, he advised me not to change who I was just because I had the opportunity to. With that I spent the rest of the day vinyl shopping.

It’s interesting to hear the most important label-founder in recent history recount Gil’s disillusionment with the record industry, his reaction to the changing relationship between technology and music and being the (modest) forefather of hip-hop. Definitely worth 20 minutes of your time.