Rick Rubin’s Shangri La Studios Is Obviously Extremely Cool

Rick Rubin’s been the driving force of countless evolutions in music over the last 30 years. From founding Def Jam and working with Beastie Boys and LL Cool J, to resuscitating Johnny Cash’s career and being drafted in to save ‘Yeezus’ at the last minute, the legendary producer is behind hundreds of much-loved records. But if you ever wanted to see where the Rick Rubin magic happens, here’s your chance. Zane Lowe visited the legendary producer’s Malibu studio for a tour for Radio 1 and it’s a music fan’s dream. The Shangri La recording studio has major history: Bob Dylan and The Band made it their home, it featured in seminal concert film The Last Waltz and the amount of artists who’ve worked there is staggering. You can listen to Zane Lowe’s interview with the usually reticent producer on Monday but check out this sneak peek of the iconic studio itself and look out for Dylan’s actual tour bus.

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