Head ‘Em Up, Captain! Watch Patrick Stewart’s Bizarre Cowboy Album Infomercial

Roll over William Shatner, the baton of USS Enterprise musical weirdness has been well and truly passed on this week, as Patrick ‘Jean-Luc Picard’ Stewart unveils his new alter-ego as Cowboy Pat, “England’s premier cowboy singer”, in an infomercial for his 27-track album of rustler-baiting Wild West standards entitled ‘Patrick Stewart’s Cowboy Classics’, the oddest thing we’ve seen online since Kanye’s naked waxwork bed-in.

“Sometimes it takes an Englishman to teach us what’s great about being an American,” says a cheesy voiceover guy as Stewart wobbles around dressed like Desperate Dan’s granddad singing actorly versions of ‘Rawhide’, ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ and ‘Whoopie Ti Yi Yo’ in front of green screens of lonesome canyons, deserted Sheriff’s offices and flamenco senoritas. What in the name of B’Elana the sexy Klingon is going on here?

Well, ostensibly the ‘advert’ is designed to flog copies of ‘Cowboy Classics’ and a clutch of Stewart’s other western albums ‘Songs For Lonesome Lovers’, ‘Christmas On The Range’ and ‘Duets Out West’, which purports to feature Cowboy Pat singing with Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. Yet if you rush over to the accompanying website to buy them, they’ve all mysteriously sold out, bar a five-track sampler of ‘Cowboy Classics’, the proceeds of which go to the International Rescue Committee, a global refugee charity. So it’s all a spoof for a very good cause – plenty of reason there to go snap up a sampler of the biggest “hits” from “Britain’s most beloved cowboy crooner”. Although the Rochdale Cowboy Mike Harding might have something to say about that…