Rihanna And Calvin Harris’ ‘We Found Love’ Is Five – And We’re Still Feeling Its Influence

It’s five years since ‘We Found Love’, the souped up EDM behemoth by Rihanna and Calvin Harris, was released to the world. And in the time since, no pop song has come close to being as influential as the gleaming wonder that the pair created.

With elements of house, pop, trance, techno and disco, it’s a big melting pot that adds up to something magnificently euphoric. Even if you’re not an EDM fan, it’s hard to deny the rush that comes when its steady ascent culminates in that one gigantic drop. It’s not just Harris’ production that makes it – far from it. Where Rihanna is often criticised for sounding emotionless and blank in her singing, here her voice is full of warmth: rich, smooth and relaxed.

It’s a song that celebrates finding light in the dark, salvaging something good even when life is otherwise bleak and shit. “We found love in a hopeless place” is a lyric that literally can give hope to us all and what is music better at doing than offering comfort and hope and something to aim for?


Aside from being utterly flawless, it’s also been hugely influential. You can still hear its effect in the charts today – it’s surely no coincidence that EDM crossed over into the mainstream after ‘We Found Love”s release. OneRepublic‘s ‘If I Lose Myself’ is a poppier take on the track, building on a similar melody and replacing its house-y synth stabs with gentle swathes of sound. You can hear some of Harris’ production’s influence in ‘Momentum’ by Dimitri Vegas, while Flo Rida has freely spoken about how much the song inspired him, telling NME in 2012 the production had had a huge impact on his work since.

In this week’s official Top 100 Singles Chart (September 23), there are a handful of songs that you can hear traces of the track in, from David Guetta and Zara Larsson’s ‘This One’s For You’ to The Chainsmokers’ ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. They might not be carbon copies of RiRi and Calvin’s hit, but its DNA lingers in the mix. Long may ‘We Found Love”s reign over the pop world continue.


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