RIP iPod Nano – I’ll always love you the most

I’ll never forget my first iPod. A hefty brick of a thing with a fondness for going missing in the bottom of my overpacked handbag and getting covered in lipstick, it was the love of my life. I crammed it full of the kind of music a teenage girl should fill an iPod with; ‘ABBA Gold’, everything The Smiths ever recorded, endless Motown, the glummest Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen records, plenty of pi**ed off punk rock, TLC’s ‘Crazy, Sexy, Cool’ and a smattering of pretentious jazz that I’d always skip if it had the cheek to pop up when I hit shuffle.

Apple discontinuing
The iPod nano when it launched in 2012

I took it everywhere – college, clubs, holidays, shopping trips. My lovely brick immediately replaced the MiniDisc player I’d been carting around for the previous year due to its seemingly limitless storage capacity and propensity for making people go ‘oooh’ when I ran my finger across its trackwheel of joy. Every CD I owned fit onto the device, as did most of mum’s and my mates’ too – perfect for boosting the music collection at zero cost to me. Over the years my iPod was replaced and reloaded numerous times and I eventually settled on my favourite style, the super lightweight iPod Nano, which I still use to this day. News then, that the Nano and Shuffle – the last two iPods made by Apple – are to be discontinued, has hit me hard. This morning, on the way to work, I held my teeny tiny iPod that little bit tighter than usual and promised that I’d never leave its side – well, not until its hardware stared freezing and the headphone jack became so full of crud that it stopped working entirely – yes, iPod Nano I owned from 2012-2014, I’m talking about you.


Of course, Apple’s discontinuation of the iPod is all linked to the fact that iPhones have fully functional iPod capabilities, as well as giving you the chance to stream music via their own and other platforms. But I like keeping my phone and music separate and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Save the phone for the ill advised late night texts, expensive take-away food apps, pictures of my dinner for Instagram and the occasional phone call. Music is better than all that. Music deserves its own appliance, music deserves to be uninterrupted by PPI nuisance calls and music deserves to still be flooding into my ears on those days when I accidently-on-purpose leave my phone at home so I don’t have to deal with the bulls**t of modern live for one sweet, sweet day every couple of months.


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