Rob Zombie Took His Own Fans To Task Over Their Dismissal Of Babymetal

Babymetal rule, OK. Anyone in doubt should take it up with veteran shock-rocker and ‘Dragula’ singer Rob Zombie, formerly of the band White Zombie and now a horror movie director (The Devil’s Rejects), who has pledged allegiance to the Japanese pop/metal band via Facebook.

Suzuka Nakamoto (aka ‘Su-metal’), Yui Mizuno (‘Yuimetal’) and Moa Kikuchi (‘Moametal’) are Babymetal, the manufactured band that’s a mash-up of Japanese idol pop – a genre consisting of young star making accessible pop music – and heavy metal. Formed in 2010, they caused a big old stir at Reading & Leeds Festival last year and recently released their second album, ‘Metal Resistance’.

They also played an acclaimed show at Wembley Arena last month – but that’s not enough for some fans, who were aghast to see metal veteran Zombie bigging up a pop band. Well, half pop band. But that’s too much pop by half for these metal stalwarts.


Gabriel was aghast:

Mitchell was mocking:

CC was incredulous:


Rob ploughed into the comments himself, inspiring a sea change in his fans’ attitudes.

After that, things got much nicer indeed, with fans lining up to stand alongside Mr. Zombie and fight the good fight on behalf of Babymetal. Time to get righteous, Facebook friends.

Ailton was admiring:

Prescott was proud:

Shelby was supportive:

True, a lot of the sympathetic comments were of the “I’m not a Babymetal fan but good on ’em” variety. On the whole, though, righteous Babymetal champions buried the detractors. What have we learned here? Rob Zombie and Babymetal are powerful allies. Time for a collaboration?