Robbie Furze – Pieces Of Me

The Big Pink guitarist loves Smashing Pumpkins, Butthole Surfers and being alone in remote Scotland

My first album
‘Straight Out The Jungle’ by Jungle Brothers
“They came out around the same time as NWA and Public Enemy, but they didn’t have the whole gangster rap thing. After you got bored of blaring Public Enemy at your mum in the car to piss her off, you could get into Jungle Brothers.”

The Book That Changed Me
Finnegans Wake by James Joyce
“I’m dyslexic, so the concept of reading is very alien to me, which might be why I have an empathy with how Joyce makes up his own words and spellings based on how he feels they should be. He writes with a sensation of what you want the narrative to be rather than what logic dictates. It’s not even a book you’re supposed to read from cover to cover – you’re supposed to just dip in. It showed that writing could be like music and didn’t need the confines of spelling and grammar.”

My first gig
Body Count at Brixton academy
“They were Ice-T’s metal band; check out ‘Cop Killer’ if you don’t know them. I went with this older mate of mine, who was into death metal. It was probably the most violent moshpit I’ve ever been in.”

My favourite place
A cottage in Scotland
“My mum owns a cottage up on the remote west coast. It’s about 45 minutes from any civilisation, so you have to pack all your provisions before you head up. I can go up there for months at a time and really not see another soul. There’s a little rowing boat up there, so I often go fishing for mackerel. It’s really great to get away from the madness.”

My favourite artist
Joseph Beuys
“He was a German in the middle of the century who did a lot of installations and a bit of performance stuff. He did a lot of sculptures with wax. He also did this amazing performance piece where he was locked in a cage with a coyote for a week.”

Favourite album artwork
‘Siamese Dream’ by Smashing Pumpkins
“To me, it symbolises a beautiful time in my life – being young and finding amazing new music. It’s wistful, and tinged with melancholy in the way that grunge – and especially the Pumpkins – often were.”

My hero
Gibby Haynes from Butthole Surfers
“I’ve always loved that whole ethos of Ministry and Butthole Surfers and Dead Kennedys – just insanity and fun and that whole scene they built around them
of radical slacker creativity.”

My style icon
Blixa Bargeld from Einstürzende Neubauten
“I especially like his style circa the Halber Mensch era. I do try and copy him – I haven’t quite got to that point yet, but I’m trying. Such an incredible-looking guy.”