“Robbie Might Make Take That Less Classy” – Klaxons On The Week’s News

To mark their cover feature this week (issue out Wednesday), Klaxons are taking over NME.COM all week. Here Jamie, James and Simon tell us what they think about the biggest music news stories from the past seven days….


Robbie Williams reunites with Take That

Jamie – “I don’t know if it’s a case of being better or worse with Robbie back. Take That actually smashed their comeback, it was amazing. I don’t know what Robbie can give to that or what he might take away from how classy their comeback was. He is obviously the rogue element to the band so maybe they’ll try and get a bit more risky with that. I think they’re a great band with some amazing songs.”

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Muse at T In The Park: ‘We’ll definitely start working on a new album next year’

James – “I saw the highlights on Glastonbury – you can’t argue with the set they’ve got. The’ve got a lot of big, big songs which work amazingly in a big field. They’ve got that show that they put on, which only a few bands can do. I’m sure they’ll deliver in 2011.”

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Lil Wayne to release new EP while in jail

Simon – “I’m actually a pretty huge Lil’ Wayne fan. There’s a track, ‘3 Peat’, which is one of my favourite songs of the last couple of years. The documentary just portrayed him to be an absolute icon, he’s really exciting and I’m wildly impressed by his output. It’s mind blowing. I’m really excited to hear the EP. I can’t say I was a huge fan of the last rock album, but I’ve been really into a lot of the mix tapes. I’m really, really excited about it.”

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John Lydon: ‘Country Life butter adverts are funding PiL reunion’

James – “I’m happy that PiL are able to do more, record more music and are able to perform. From what it sounds like he needed the money to do it. I’m just happy they’re able to make music again. The means of how it gets to the end for them doesn’t really matter. It’s quite normal now to have music all over TV. It’s dated to frown upon ways in which music is allowed to be made, or allowed to be released.”

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John Lydon delivers his own verdict on Gorillaz:

The Cribs play first two albums in full at Wichita birthday show

Jamie – “That’s definitely something Klaxons would think about doing. We talked about doing something really special for our film director who wants us to do something like a full playback and do a big special event for the future.”

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Roxy Music announce first UK tour in a decade – ticket details

Simon – “Wow, how did I not know that? Yeah, I’m a huge Roxy Music fan, that’s gonna be pretty wild. I think we actually played with Ferry last year actually. Hopefully we can go to it, we’ll probably miss it but it should be great. I have to say I’m a bit stunned by that!”

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Amy Winehouse to release new ‘jukebox’ album in January

James – “She’s got a really distinctive voice and I don’t think it matters what she does underneath it, you know what the music is doing. It’ll sound like Amy Winehouse. If she is saying January, I wouldn’t say that’s a definite, because in our experience we’ve put dates on things and it hasn’t worked out like that.”

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Klaxons talk shamen, studio meltdowns and a lizard who showed them God in this week’s comeback cover interview:

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