This Clip of Everton Manager Roberto Martínez Dancing At A Jason Derulo Show Is A Must-See

It’s a tough business, football management: forever under the crushing constraints of meeting financial targets, maintaining squad morale and appeasing a rabid rank of supporters that number in the thousands (and sometimes millions), it really is a job that could drive any sane man round the bend.

Which is why we can excuse Roberto Martínez, the Everton manager, for letting it all hang loose last night at a Jason Derulo concert in Manchester. Celebrating his side’s 3-0 win over Newcastle the previous night, the Spaniard was clearly in the party mood: 10 seconds of which were thankfully captured and placed upon the internet for the entire world to revel in.


Look at those moves: that left arm rotation, those hunched shoulders, the way that he seamlessly breaks into a whip towards the very end. It’s a refreshing, invigorating and frankly excellent piece of footage that’ll live long in the memory. Dance on, Roberto, dance on.

And, just in case there’s any doubt whatsoever about the validity of this clip, well, there can’t be:

In this morning’s weekly press conference, Martínez also said that “it’s always good to get some inspiration from creative people.”