Robot Wars Is Back! Let’s Remember That Ace Spaced Episode

The 1990s revival carries on apace. All Saints, The Spice Girls, those weird stretchy tattoo chokers are all back, and now Robot Wars returns – the geek-tastic gameshow in which homemade metal warriors were pitted against each other as the live studio audience bayed for blood (or petrol, actually).

The sitcom Spaced – another excellent product of the 1990s – took it upon themselves to parody the show, mixing it up with Fight Club in one of their pop-culture heavy slices of genius. Let us now, 15 years after the Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes show finished its illustrious run on Channel 4, remember that episode for the glorious televisual treat it was.

Taken from series two, episode three, Robot Fight Club saw Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Tim and Mike forging their very own Robot – by the name of Private Iron – which goes up against Dexter and Cromwell (played by Reece Shearsmith and Jonathan Ryland)’s War Bastard.

The second rule of Robot Club is always a winner:

As is Jessica Stevenson’s – as she was then – filthy Philippa Forrester impression.

As well as Reece Shearsmith’s sneaking out a quick Para Lazarou impression away from his League of Gentlemen pals.

Watch the whole thing over at Channel 4.