Robyn Returns With A Mesmerising Turn On Mr. Tophat’s House-y ‘Trust Me’

The Swedish star has collaborated with the Stockholm producer on his new track 'Trust Me'

Robyn hasn’t released a solo single since 2013’s ‘U Should Know Better’, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been keeping busy. In the three years since that track, she’s teamed up with Royksopp, worked on the La Bagatelle Magique project, guested on Metronomy’s latest album and launched the RMX/RBN series, which sees tracks from across her career being reworked.

Now, she’s teamed up with Mr. Tophat, a Stockholm producer, on his latest release. ‘Trust Me’ is a 10-minute long house-y groove. Like all the best dance epics, it’s a slow-builder, new layers of synths or warped sound effects zooming in from all angles as it grows. The only things that are constant are the foundation beat – a thumping four-to-the-floor base – and Robyn’s serene interjections.

“Mmm the pretty lights/Yeah it’s what we like,” she purrs. “It’s alright/Another life is there if you trust me.” There’s very little else to her contribution to the song (save for some snatches of oohs and aahs), but what little she gives proofs the old adage of simple but effective completely right. She sounds utterly heavenly, like an angel floating down into the club, illuminating the room with the gleam from her halo. It’s mesmerising and beautifully, while also making you want to raise your arms to the roof and dance the night away. Brilliant.