Rogues – Carnival – Free MP3

Things that are great about Rogues:

1 – They’ve been touted as a pop Foals, and are worthy of the tag.
2 – They ooze all the youthful exuberance of a highly strung member of The Wombats with none of the cringeworthy baggage.
3 – The frontman dresses like a cross between a scarecrow Bryan Ferry and Keith Richards*.
4 – Leather gloves make up part of their wardrobe, as does the hung-by-their-peanutted-ties look*.

Although you wouldn’t know these things from looking at their press shot.


The best thing though, is that they share a name with a Texan Renaissance bagpipe band. Google ‘Rogues MySpace’ and behold:

Our Rogues are doing all sorts of NME shows soon – some tour dates with Iglu & Hartly, Club NME Hitchin and loads more dates after that. MySpace has all the details.

Download RoguesCarnival here.

*These facts were surmised from one Monday night gig in Kilburn, north London, and may not be true of every performance.

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