Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever reveal hints about the follow-up to ‘Hope Downs’

It’s hard to remember a time when Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever weren’t on the road. The Australian rockers have spent the past year relentlessly touring their excellent debut studio album ‘Hope Downs’; but now, after scores of international shows and festival performances, the end of the road is in sight and the band are looking forward to making the next record. So now it’s almost over, is it feeling a bit bittersweet?

“No, I don’t see it like that,” vocalist and guitarist Joe White tells NME backstage at Madrid’s Mad Cool Festival. “I’m just looking forward to making new music, that’s the next thing we have to do, or that we’re gunna do. As soon as we get home it’s straight back into writing and creating a new thing.”

“It’s been great touring these songs and it feels like its been ages, but I realised we only put it a year ago,” vocalist and guitarist Tom Russo adds, “So I think we’re really excited to just get back into it!”


But they won’t be starting from scratch, as the band have written parts of the next record on the road. “We’ve started writing, but on the road you can get bits and pieces but I find writing on the road hard,” Tom explains. “I need to have some time to sit on the couch and stare out the window, and you don’t get much time to that.”

They also revealed that they’d be working with producer Burke Reid on the next record, but haven’t had time yet to think about whether they want any collaborations on the record.

Watch our interview above for more on the new record, and the band’s first festival memories.


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