Rolling Stones’ ‘One More Shot’ Ain’t No ‘Doom & Gloom’

It was a bit of a surprise just how great ‘Doom & Gloom’ was: powered by the swagger of their best singles and stuffed full of vintage Stonesisms (“Crashlanded in a Louisiana swamp…”), it was, in short, miles better than a Stones single in 2012 had any right to be, and the most exciting-sounding thing they’ve done in years and years. Its job was to gee us all up for the forthcoming bout of activity, and it sure as hell did that.


But now, after the monumental buzz-harsh of the ticketprices for the gigs in two weeks’ time, comes this second new song, with the slightly upsetting news being that it ain’t no classic. Whereas ‘Doom’ was urgent and full of attitude, here is something that feels more cobbled together. More than any other band ever, the Rolling Stones are absolute masters of The Intro, their finest songs hooking you in within seconds, but this just kind of slumps into life, before nicking the chorus from ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’, taming it down some so it’s more ‘You Gently Stroked Me All Night Long’ and then repeating to fade. Mick’s words – always an under-appreciated aspect of the Stones – are far from inspired, and it doesn’t feel like long before he descends into aimless “na na nah“-ing.

Not that any of this matters too much. Whereas ‘Doom & Gloom’ will soon be taking its place alongside the other decent latter-day Stones song – ’94’s ‘You Got Me Rocking’ – in holding its own in the classics-stuffed setlists of the future, ‘One More Shot’ will be swiftly forgotten about and never spoken of again. A minor shame, but I suggest you console yourself in the same way I am about to, by reacquainting yourself with the other 40 tunes on ‘Grrrr!’, whose sheer unadulterated brilliance will still floor you like the first time you heard ’em.