Russell Brand And Carl Barat Join Forces In LA

Aldous Snow, Russell Brand‘s “fictional” rocker character from the 2008 comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall (the joint result of “creative people and my troubled, opiate-riddled past,” according to Russell), is back in his own Judd Apatow vehicle, Get Him To The Greek. And to celebrate, this week Russell/Aldous and his faux movie band Infant Sorrow–featuring Carl Barat, powerpopper Mike Viola, singer-songwriter Dan Bern, and movie composer Lyle Workman–played a “Get Him To The Roxy” one-off gig at, of course, Hollywood’s Roxy on the Sunset Strip.

After a Russell-less warmup set led by Carl, the highlights of which were renditions of the Libertines‘ “Time For Heroes” and Dirty Pretty Things‘ “Bang Bang You’re Dead,” Get Him To The Greek costars Russell and Jonah Hill officially introduced Infant Sorrow by bumping groins and then ordering the audience to tell everyone on Facebook and Twitter that they were “really nice” and that they “touched the tips of their dicks together.” Russell also promised the audience that the show would cause “testosterone to fill the room in warm pearly jets, like confetti across the sky…may you all become pregnant, even those of you without wombs!”

Russell didn’t actually do much actual singing aside from leading a singalong of the Forgetting Sarah Marshall cult hit “Inside Of You,” and when he did give it a try (like on the Jarvis Cocker-penned “Just Say Yes”), he relied on a lyric sheet at all times. But that just made him seem like a true trainwreck rocker.

“Is it a rock show, is it a comedy show? Do we know why we’re here?” Greek director Judd Apatow rhetorically asked the confused audience, as he introduced a contest winner’s performance of the Infant Sorrow power ballad “Bangers, Beans & Mash.” The answer was unclear, but Russell sure acted the part.