Russell Howard On The Biggest News Stories Of 2015 – From FIFA To Those David Cameron Pig Allegations

As host of Russell Howard’s Good News, it’s the comedian’s job to look at the news and take the piss out of it. The series has just returned to BBC Two, but in its absence from our screens he missed out on the chance to comment on Greece going broke, Fifa getting busted, Jeremy Corbyn rising to power and David Cameron’s piggate. We took it upon ourselves to rectify that.

The refugee crisis
When: August
The story: So far this year approximately 600,000 refugees have fled Syria and Afghanistan, many seeking asylum in the EU.
Russell says: “It’s such a weighty and serious issue that you can’t really treat it light-heartedly. That said, The Daily Star took an odd angle on this; it ran an article basically saying that refugees were bringing fleas with big dicks over to Britain with them through the Channel Tunnel. It was so weird.”

David Cameron and the pig
When: September
The story: The allegation that the PM placed a ‘private part of his anatomy’ into a dead pig’s mouth.
Russell says: “It was basically a thing he did when he was a kid and there’s no real evidence that he did it. The first thing it made me think of was that I’ve seen my mate Alan put his moves on a sleeping dog and I certainly wouldn’t vote for him to run the country.”

Labour’s election disaster and Jeremy Corbyn
When: September
The story: Labour crashed and burned in May’s General Election. Socialist Jeremy Corbyn was elected to lead after Ed Miliband stepped down.
Russell says: “There was a sleeping inevitability to Labour losing the election. That’s what is so refreshing about Jeremy Corbyn, he’s a different voice. He’s the first left-wing politician who is comfortable talking about things he’s passionate about. He will be great for our show because he represents an alternative point of view.”

Junior doctors protest
When: October
The story: Junior docs have protested about pay cuts and proposed changes to their contracts.
Russell says: “Junior doctors are upset with the Government and every story about the NHS in the right-wing press is how much doctors get paid. The truth is, the NHS is an amazing institution and we should never let it die. Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt wrote a book [Direct Democracy] on how to dismantle the NHS and now he’s in charge of it!”

Fifa scandal
When: May
The story: The body in charge of world football was accused of corruption – seven executives were arrested.
Russell says: “I’m a massive football fan and it’s no surprise to me that Fifa is corrupt. It’s been known for years, but all I care about is my team, Liverpool. If Liverpool were corrupt but could buy Messi and Ronaldo I’d be happy with that. What Sepp Blatter taught me is that all I want is for Liverpool to win the league.”

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