Ryan Jarman – Pieces Of Me

Vampires, Keanu Reeves’ jacket, the countryside and Def Leppard: just some of the things that get The Cribs’ singer going

My first album
‘Greatest Hits II’ – Queen
“My uncle got me this a couple of weeks before Freddie Mercury died. Straight after that I was onto Nirvana. The first album I bought myself was probably Ugly Kid Joe. What a terrible record ‘America’s Least Wanted’ was! It’s just ‘Everything About You’ and the cover of ‘Cat’s In The Cradle’ – everything else on that record is filler.”


First gig
Retarded Fish, Wakefield Unity House
“They were this punk band with mohawks. We got kicked out for being underage, so technically it wasn’t our first gig. It was probably Def Leppard at Sheffield Arena. I don’t remember much about it, except that Gary was sick because it was too hot.”


Favourite painting
When It’s Over by Sean Croghan
“My favourite artist right now is Sean Croghan from Portland. His paintings and drawings evoke the same spirit as the beat writers. It’s very internal and introverted stuff, while being a little crude, a bit freeform and spontaneous.”

The book that changed me
‘The Unbearable Lightness Of Being’ by Milan Kundera
“I’ve always been fascinated by the differences between the sexes, all the slightly different politics and things going on – how you fit in that context, and the book really deals with that. It’s full of little insights and philosophical notions.”

My favourite TV show
Twin Peaks
“Me and Kate [Nash, girlfriend] get through about an episode a night. I just love the theme-tune. It has the look of a made-for-TV movie – a kind of kitschy element to it.”


Favourite place
Coxley Valley, Wakefield
“When the band started, there was a wood called Coxley Valley near our parents’ house. It was very tranquil – a great place to collect your thoughts. You could be down there all day and not see anyone at all. Living in the city, that’s definitely something I miss.”

Right now I love…
The Thin Kids
“They’re from Brisbane, Australia. It’s [music journo] Everett True’s new band. It’s very freeform and loose, and being Everett, the lyrics are amazing. It’s very uncompromising and unforgiving. It’s much noisier, much more dissonant and unapologetic.”

Favourite film
Bram Stoker’s Dracula
“When I was younger I shot a lot of 8mm movies, and I was obsessed with the way things are lit and film quality. I bought a Keanu Reeves jacket from the film from a private collector recently. I’ve been waiting to tell someone that for ages.”

My cult hero
David Feck, Comet Gain
“David is proably my all-time cult hero. I just think that his lyrics are amazing. It’s not done for fame or fortune or anything. I’m producing their next album, and I was in the studio with them recently. It was great.”