Ryan Jarman’s skinny jeaned volley on ‘Soccer AM’ is a joy to behold

A better strike than Serge from Kasabian's?

Football and music has often gone hand in hand, but it’s rare to find a musician who is actually good at it. Perhaps it’s indicative of the rock and roll lifestyle but most charity footy matches are full of beer-bellied indie kids chasing the ball until their lungs can no longer take it. Remember that time Liam Gallagher rubbed shoulders with the likes of Alessandro Del Piero and Pavel Nedved at the Italian equivalent of Soccer Aid in Turin, only to be substituted after 20 minutes? “I’m not sure what was said at half time as I was on the piss around that time,” Liam later said. “I was substituted 20 minutes into the game much to my delight as I was fucked.” We can only imagine, Liam.

A true indicator of how good an indie star is at football is probably Soccer AM‘s spot kick challenge. Everyone knows that being invited onto Soccer AM is a honour akin to not quite headlining the Pyramid Stage but definitely getting a reasonably sized font on the Glastonbury poster. Well, The Cribs have headlined the John Peel Stage at Glasto and now frontman Ryan Jarman has delivered a brilliant volley on Sky’s Saturday morning footy programme while dressed in skinny jeans. Now that’s what you call a truly fulfilling career.

Jarman and band appeared on Soccer AM last Saturday, gracing the famed outdoor five-a-side pitch. By the time it was Ryan’s turn, the ball fell to him perfectly and, in a stroke of masterful brilliance, Jarman knocked it on the volley and straight into a bin positioned in the top corner of the net. The best strike ever whilst wearing leg-clinging Levi’s? We certainly think so. See for yourselves below.

But is it better than Serge from Kasabian‘s wonder goal a few years back? That one was surely impressive enough to have earned him a place on Leicester City’s bench before they got good. Revisit that beauty beneath.