Where To Find All The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Filming Locations In The UK

Game of Thrones season seven is far away. Because of the winter filming schedule of the new series, the huge HBO fantasy series won’t return until summer 2017 – but that doesn’t mean you can’t sate your craving for more Thrones. Many of the show’s iconic locations are abroad – King’s Landing is Dubrovnik in Croatia and Beyond The Wall is Northern Iceland, for example – but there are plenty of Game of Thrones filming locations that you can see right here in the UK. Or, more specifically, Northern Ireland.

We’ve collected them in the above map, and it actually wouldn’t take you very long to see all of them. You could travel to the southwest of Northern Ireland to see Pollnagollum Cave (which is very much a real name) where the fight between The Hound and Beric Dondarrion was shot in the underground base of the Brotherhood without Banners. On the other side of the country you could visit Tollymore Forest, where in the show the Stark children find their direwolf pups. Far to the north of the country you can visit the region that houses Pyke, but in the north-west are perhaps the two most unlikely Northern Irish locations. Portstewart Strand is used for a stretch of sunny Dornish coast in season five, and Binevenagh represents a region of the Dothraki Sea. Both a lot colder than they’re meant to be in the show, we’d imagine.