Samsung NME Radar Tour – Magistrates Get Messy In Manc

Back in our glorious van with strip lights and poles, heading for Manchester.

Inspired by the monotonous rhythm of the tour van and the messiness that is Andrew Grant, we composed and recorded a song in Garageband entitled ‘Mess-Man’ during our voyage. Think bad ’90s Garage. A definite dancefloor hit. Look out for it on album two.

Magistrates seal that smoky flavour in

With Swiney, AKA – Notorious P.I.G. by our sides, we were ready to brace the wonderful shores of Manchester. Swiney had been complaining of a sore throat and throbbing headache the whole journey. We made a stop off and he was checked over by a local vet. He’s reacting well to medication and it seems he’ll be fine to join us onstage tonight. Thank God.

After climbing four sets of gruelling stairs at the venue, we entered the communal dressing room. Big high fives and cuddles all around, it was good to see everyone again. Big love vibes orbiting the room, been getting on great with the La Roux crew, Heartbreak and The Chapman Family. Manuka Honey is the word on the street, Elly Jackson is making a concoction of ginger and honey to soothe her throat…

Been working on something special with La Roux for when we play at Koko in London, can’t wait to unleash it, it’s gonna be big.