Samsung NME Radar Tour – Magistrates Get Their Strut On In Leeds

Day 7…8…6? of the tour, all kinda blurring into one, Leeds today. ‘Twas very fun, always fun in Leeds, although was always going to be a hard one to top after the night we had in Manchester! I think Thom described last night as a rotter!

Lads on tour

Everyone wanted to continue their night so we strolled down the road, found a great bar, which we stayed in ’til the early hours and pulled some pretty sharp moves to some old Stones tracks – how very rock and roll of us.

Today has also been much fun and has consisted of: great Thai food, over-excited La Roux fans, listening to Brian Eno in the dark and now Mark and Thom hunting for a ‘back to the nineties’ club night we went to last time we were in Leeds! Meanwhile I have officially burnt out and need some proper sleep to be in a good mood for Preston.

Oh and in case you were wondering, a rotter means a good night!

M-boys! X