San Diego’s The Donkeys – Free MP3

The timing couldn’t be better. As the UK finally – finally – seems to be waking from its slate grey hibernation and shrugging off winter’s endless cloak, along come a band of San Diego slackers with a mission to spread sunny temperaments. We’ve already been treated to their new album ‘Born With Stripes’’s opening track, the plodding (in a good way) military-drummed ‘Don’t Know Who We Are’ (pick it up from any number of blogs here).

The Donkeys

Now, a second track, and indeed the album’s second track, the lazy love song ‘I Like The Way You Walk’. More laid-back than a La Jolla sun-worshipper, it’s a sweet jangly four minutes that practically wheezes into a heap by the end over repeated Kings Of Leon-y “love you with all my heart”’s. They probably won’t like the reference; their aims are cross-haired over the likes of mid-90s slacker rock and Laurel Canyon stuff, but there’s definitely a whiff of the Caleb in the final refrain.


I spent last weekend playing ‘Born With Stripes’ on repeat, and suggest you do the same. Out April 25th on the always reliable Dead Oceans.

Download The Donkeys’ ‘I Like The Way You Walk’ now

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