Scary Movies – Creepy New Videos From Celestial Bodies, Babe Rainbow and George Quartz

Now that everyone watches music videos on the internet, film-makers can go as crazy as they want. A simple NSFW caution allows them to fill the screen with dicks and boobies (hello Girls!) and dicks and boobies on bikes (hello Flaming Lips!).

Other directors are a bit more restrained, referencing classic horror and making mini-masterpieces of cinematic gloom that are knuckle-crackingly creepy.

This haunted video for Celestial Bodies‘ crepuscular ‘Vanity‘ is like Charles Burns’ Black Hole starring Hellraiser’s Frank Cotton. It was made by frontman Ferry, formerly of Semifinalists, and you can buy the single soon on Home.Under.Ground.

Next we have new Warp signing and all round good dude Cameron Reed AKA Babe Rainbow. His fellow Canadians Salazar created four minutes of tense ambiguity to accompany the eerie dubstep of ‘Shaved’. It’s like Picnic At Hanging Rock set in the fearful forests of Antichrist.

George Quartz runs the amazing La Maladie Tropicale blog. He borrowed the title from an awesome Apichatpong Weerasethakul film. That movie’s feverish sexual disorientation seems to have bled into the video for ‘Butterscotch’, made by DESTROY.HOT.ACTION. In it old porn is stretched and filtered, chopped and (yes) screwed into something abstract and beautiful. It’s like that cool bit in Altered States, but dirtier.

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