Scorchio! 10 Songs To Soundtrack The Heatwave

We’re currently enjoying some of the hottest days of 2017 so far, with temperatures reaching a whopping 30C in some parts of the UK. The hot weather looks set to continue for a few days, so we’ve got together the perfect playlist for this glorious heatwave we’re having, from rock and disco to pop and reggae. Listen to these roasting tracks while you soak up the sun.

Martha & The Vandellas – ‘Heatwave’

Martha Reeves knows what’s up. This Motown scorcher compares the steamier side of love to a hot, hot summer. Sticky, messy and a whole lot of fun. We’re so with you, Martha.

Nelly – ‘Hot in Herre’

I mean, this one’s kind of a no-brainer. It certainly is ‘hot in herre’, if by ‘hot’ you mean ‘bloody roasting’ and ‘herre’ you mean ‘the uk’. Also, loads of points to Nelly for the “Good gracious/ass is bodacious” line, of which the rump-loving Sir Mix-A-Lot would be proud.

Sister Nancy – ‘Bam Bam’

You might have heard dancehall queen Sister Nancy’s carnival classic ‘Bam Bam’ sampled in Kanye West’s ‘Famous’, but the original is a far sunnier proposition. It’s sweet, laidback reggae swagger is also waaay less likely to piss off Taylor Swift.

William Onyeabor – ‘Fantastic Man’

William Onyeabor is the mysterious Nigerian electro-funk icon who self-released eight full-length records in the late 1970s and early 1980s before pledging his life to the lord and vowing never to make music ever again. Which is a crying shame as the man’s quite possibly a genius. In 2013 a best-of compilation called ‘Who Is William Onyeabor?’ reintroduced him to the world. It featured ‘Fantastic Man’, an impossibly groovy summer anthem. Bow down.

The Lovin’ Spoonful – ‘Summer In The City’

1960s flower-power rockers The Lovin’ Spoonful lived through enough New York summers to know that things get kind of unbearable when the heat is on in NYC. Their biggest hit is a atmospheric tribute to high season in the smog and smut of the city, and it’s totally spot on.

Kurt Vile – ‘Wakin’ On A Pretty Day’

If vegging out in the sun – and possibly passing out without wearing an inappropriate amount of sunscreen – is your typical response to a heatwave, then Kurt Vile’s dreamy ‘Wakin’ On A Pretty Day’ is the soundtrack you need. As chilled as the Calippo you’re just about to buy from the corner shop.

Dua Lipa – ‘Hotter Than Hell’

Up and coming pop senstation Dua Lipa has wisely made herself indispensible this summer by creating a face-fanning hot, hot hit. Trop-house synths shimmy up alongside big, bassy beats in this heatwave-ready banger.

SBTRKT – ‘Heatwave’

British producer SBTRKT reeled in the sweet sounds of Sampha for this breakbeat and dubstep indebted mood-maker. So hot you can almost feel the steam coming off it.

Jungle – ‘The Heat’

The distant sounds of police sirens in Jungle’s ace 2014 track might suggest that this is a very different ‘heat’ that the British duo are talking about, but either way, this is made for sultry summer nights and no mistake.

Donna Summer – ‘Hot Stuff’

Well, duh.