Screamadelica And The 50 Druggiest Albums – Inside This Week’s NME

We’ve got a special issue on Screamadelica, Primal Scream’s legendary indie-rave album which changed the face of British music. As the album gets reissued and the Scream take it out on tour this March, we speak to Bobby Gillespie about the mental making of this masterpiece.

Primals Feature

In the, ahem, ‘spirit’ of Screamadelica there’s also a run-down of the 50 druggiest albums of all time. No bullshit – this is the funniest list you’ll read all year. Oh, but just say no.

Druggiest Albums NME

Who needs drugs when you’ve got David Lynch? The man behind Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet has spent his career using film to bend people’s minds. And now? He’s made an amazing dance single. Chuck away your E’s, ravers…

David Lynch NME Feature

We’ve also got interviews with Yuck, Sleigh Bells and the new cast of Skins, jump headfirst into the midst of Vaccines mania, and go on the road with Alex’s mate and dapper man-about-town, Miles Kane.

Miles Kane

All this plus the world’s best reviews section, your essential gig guide and various squabbling and unpleasantness.

Buy it, and lick Bobby’s face. You’ll probably get high.