Screaming Tea Party Have It Covered – Free MP3

Screaming Tea Party is more than just a band, it’s an orgy of clashing and crashing, of sounds and cultures colliding like a beer-soaked bodyslam. Your hosts are a pair of Tokyo boys (Koichi on bass and Niiyan on guitar) and an English girl (Nell on drums) who flip from swirling, fairground folk to ferocious riffing like it’s no big thing.

Screaming Tea Party

You can hear two of the band’s many sides on a pair of recent covers. Here, Koichi tells us about Bokutachi No Shippai:

“Bokutachi No Shippai is Japanese. It means ‘our failure’. The song was originally written in late 70’s by Japanese folk singer called Douji Morita. She released a few albums then suddenly disappeared. She’s a bizarre character. Always wears a black sunglasses and never showed her face to public. And nobody knows her real name either. Even her record company knows nothing about her, which is kinda cool I think. We don’t need any stupid information to listen to good records.

“The words of this song are stupidly beautiful. It doesn’t matter even you don’t understand it at all. It’s more about feeling, I guess. I’ve been trying to play this song to everybody since I got London. Even when I do DJ. People stop dancing and get pissed off with me. I bumped into Randy from No Age at a pub in Kings Cross a few month ago and I played this song to him on my iPod. He was like “oh yeah, its very Leonard Cohen,” then I though, yeah, it is, that’s true. But he always sings about women, you know, and I think this song is more about relationship between ‘you’ and ‘me’. but it doesn’t have to be man and woman. A bit more like Season In The Sun.

“We recorded at Nell’s place with my crappy recorder. It is pretty lo-fi. Nell doesn’t speak Japanese at all. I wrote the lyric in Japanese, but obviously she doesn’t know what the hell she was singing about so she sang like children from somewhere far away…”

Download Screaming Tea Party’s cover of Bokutachi No Shippai here.

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