See Cats Perform The Hits Of Metallica In This Weird ‘Meowtallica’ Video

Cats are still the internet’s favourite thing, right? Or have they been overtaken by Pokémon Go now? Hard to keep up. Would people rather mosh to Mewtwo than fuck shit up to a furry feline? If not, the online world should go mental for Meowtallica, a weird video that purports to advertise a project that sees kitties rocking out to the heavy metal band Metallica? Now, cat’s what I call music, you might say. And why on earth shouldn’t our four-legged friends meow along to the like of ‘Enter Sandman’ and ‘The Unforgiven’?

“Not available in any store!” shrieks ‘advert’, which is perhaps unsurprising, as the whole idea is clearly ludicrous. The infomercial-style clip is in on the gag, as it looks like the cheesiest 90s ad imaginable. It’s totally fictional, of course, but could conceivably find an audience, as cat-based musical projects have proved rather successful of late. Last year Run The Jewels released ‘Meow the Jewels’, a remix of their album using cat sounds instead of music, and Lil Bub also released a record to high internet acclaim. Until those Pokémon find their rhythm, cats will remains on top.