This Man Tried To Pull Off The Caper From ‘Seinfeld’ Episode ‘The Bottle Deposit’ – And Now Faces Five Years In Prison

Does life imitate art or vice versa? In the case of Brian Edward Everidge, it’s most definitely the former: specifically, a 1996 episode of Seinfeld entitled ‘The Bottle Deposit’.

In the Season Seven episode, resident clown Kramer and his sidekick Newman devise a ‘fail-proof’ plan that involves depositing empty plastic bottles at recycling points to earn cash. Realising that certain states pay a higher rate per bottle, they plan to smuggle the bottles across state borders to boost their profits. Michigan, the prospective payee, will pay 10 cents a bottle as opposed to five in their native New York – but the plan doesn’t quite work, as they realise the cost of transporting the bottles will barely cover the method of transportation.

But Newman is right: it’s a good plan in principle and evidently, as Reddit users and the site Death and Taxes noted, Brian Everidge thought it had potential too.

But as the real-life Kramer has discovered since being caught smuggling over 10,000 bottles into Michigan in June, attempting to gain profit by trafficking empty bottles collected in other states is totally illegal.

His car was stopped by a patrolling police officer and his ploy was scuppered. No harm done though surely? Nope. That practice can land the offender up to five years in the slammer and/or a $5,000 dollar fine. He’s still awaiting a trial, and there hasn’t been any admittance by Everidge that the source of his idea was from Seinfeld . But everyone loves Seinfeld , right?

Perhaps the windfall of a cool $1,000 convinced him he could fight the law and win.