Seriously, Can Someone Confiscate Usher’s Snapchat Login?

Guys, Usher has gone wrong. He’s taken to Snapchat (his handle: howusnap) and all evidence points to the fact that he’s gone wrong. Everyone’s talking about the fact that he’s done naked selfie with an emoji to cover his junk, but the emoji doesn’t quite cover his junk. Good taste gatekeeper Piers Morgan was aghast.

Nothing wrong with a Kardashian, Piers, you sanctimonious, wallet-faced ham. And yet the former tabloid editor is onto something, because Usher seems to have gone wrong – and a misplaced emoji is the least of it.

The singer has taken to plugging his Snapchat account endlessly on Twitter, and the #content he’s pointing us to is deeply strange. In the last day, he’s filmed himself standing at a pharmacy near his home in Atlanta and moaning about having to wait for his medication, and then having to pay a $6 fee to speed the process up. “I got this,” he eventually smirks to the cashier, before smirking again when he says: “Here, take my black card.”

Finally, after a great deal of time, he leaves the pharmacy to return to his (very nice) home, where he Snaps pictures of some creepy bunny formation he likes to keep around the place.

Then he chases some children around (one of them falls over and starts crying but he continues to tickle the crying child). We also see Usher dancing in his some light-up sneakers. We do not know how he managed to make these sneakers light up.

Usher then says, “And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” before turning off the light in his bedroom, before we cut to a bathroom selfie while he has a really long, loud wee. This goes on for several snaps. “When you gotta go…” he laughs. Has Usher gone wrong? Will he ever finish weeing? More on this story as we get it.