Seth Rogen Pranked New York Shoppers As A Real-Life Talking Melon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to place your hand on a melon in the supermarket, only for it to suddenly wake up and shout at you to leave it alone? (In Seth Rogen’s voice, obviously).

Shoppers in a New York supermarket experienced just that when they were treated to a prank conducted by Seth Rogen to promote his new NSFW movie, Sausage Party. In the film, anthropomorphised foodstuffs dream of being placed in the shopping trolley and leaving the supermarket, but they get a shock when they see humans cutting up their ‘relatives’.

For the prank, Rogen and his film crew placed animatronic cantaloupes, sausages and loaves of bread on the supermarket shelves, each with speakers broadcasting Rogen’s voice from a nearby room.

“Are you eating my nephew?! Oh no, don’t do it!” the cantaloupe says, as one customer tucks into a free sample.

“I want you to watch, this is your MOTHER!” says one sadistic shopper whilst biting into a baguette in front of Rogen’s loaf of bread.

Plus, there’s a cracking little clip from the film at the end, in which Kristen Wiig’s character Brenda, a curvaceous hot dog bun, tells her human captor: “Stay away from my sausage, you skank!”

Sausage Party hits UK cinemas on 2nd September 2016.