Seven Great Walk-Out Songs

One of the best parts of any boxing match is the walk out, when the fighters present themselves to the crowd. So you need a great tune. Here are seven of the best options.

‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ – LL Cool J


Well, not only is the message right there in the title but it’s a massive tune that’s guaranteed to get the entire crowd on your side. It’s been used by just about any boxer you care to name.

‘Enter Sandman’ – Metallica

A propulsive drum beat, just keeps growing, angry as hell. Couldn’t be more perfect for striding out confidently. And its first line instructs your opponent to, “Say your prayers”. It would be hard to go wrong with most Metallica, to be fair.

‘Hail To The King’ – Avenged Sevenfold


Another one where the lyrics do the job for you. Obviously you’re going to look a bit of a tit if you lose after blasting this out, so you’d better not.

‘Jump Around’ – House of Pain

An absolute screamer, literally, with that squealing throughout. Everybody knows the words. It’s a banger. Obeying the lyrics will have the stadium literally shaking.

‘Here Comes The Hotstepper’ – Ini Kamoze

Used by Prince Naseem Hamed – remember him? – when he fought Wilfredo Vasquez and it summed him up perfectly. It’s a song for a cocky devil who thinks he’s it.

‘Harder Than You Think’ – Public Enemy

A good option for the underdog. Show ‘em you’re more than they’re banking on. Used to memorable effect on the campaign for the 2012 Paralympics, it’s a classic with a killer chorus.

‘Roar’ by Katy Perry

Yeah, really. Manny Pacquiao used this for his comeback match against Brandon Rios. Nothing says ‘I’m extremely comfortable in my ability to destroy you’ than marching out to a bit of Katy Perry. He won.

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