Seven Musicians You Need To Follow On Snapchat Right Now

Snapchat is clunky, obtuse, you can’t embed or share snaps and it’s impossible to find someone unless you know their username to the letter, which means users have to spell them out in person or via other social media channels. With its rudimentary filters and scribblings, it looks like someone was trying to make a totally different thing and accidentally made this version, then sort of left it.

And that’s exactly what we love about it. Snapchat has freewheeling charm absent in slicker-looking social media platforms. It also feels more intimate because you seek users out so actively and can’t see all the other people they’ve shared a picture or video with. Celebrities have been quick to make the most of this sense of intimacy, and musicians in particular are keen on the odd Snap.

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn (jeremycorbynmp) joined the social media app last month – the first leader of a major UK political part to do so – and, if we may say so ourselves, NME (nme_snap) is a pretty damn fine add. So there must be something to it, and our favourite musicians seems to agree. Behold! The seven accounts you need to follow on Snapchat right now.

DJ Khaled

Username: djkhaled305

Well, obviously. The producer is infamous on Snapchat, having snapped the time he got lost on a jetski. But he’s also worth following in general, offering inspirational musings and live performances.

Schoolboy Q

Username: hoovaq

The ‘Groovy Tony’ rapper mainly Snaps himself smoking blunts. We’re into it.

Gwen Stefani

Username: itsgwenstefani

The former No Doubt singer likes to share song lyrics and film herself in rehearsal, often holding the camera and crooning at us. Intimate.


Username: skrillex

Warning: you may begin to question your life choices while checking out Skrillex’s Snaps. Dude looks like he’s having the best time ever, jet-setting around the world and DJing at killer parties – often dutifully documented here.


Username: howusnap

The R&B crooner has been pretty weird on Snapchat of late, with one recent Snap depicting him tickling a crying child and also capturing him as he has a refreshing piss. Well, the app is an excellent in window into the lives of others – and it seems Usher’s is quite strange.

Dev Hynes

Username: kermitkokomo

The Blood Orange musician and producer extraordinaire (he’s worked with Solange Knowles, for example) Snaps himself kicking it in hotel rooms and recent shared clips from a John Coltrane documentary he was watching. Very informative.


Username: rihanna

If there’s one essential Snapchat follow, it’s Rihanna. On Snapchat, the international superstar is a goofball, pulling daft faces and generally having a right old laugh. Top marks, Rihanna.