Bricking It – Seven Times Lego Has Spoiled Movies

Everyone loves Lego, of course. Yet these days, now that just about every major film franchise has a tie in with the construction toy, Lego has become… problematic. Lego tends to release images of its movie-tie-in sets long before the associated film comes out and they’re not shy about revealing major plot points, as seen most recently with the first sets for this year’s Batman Vs. Superman. Here are seven times Lego has given away far too much.

Jurassic World – Indominus Rex Breakout


The new dinosaur that had been created for the first Jurassic Park film in 14 years was being carefully teased up until the film’s release. Good old Lego just revealed the Indominus Rex in all its albino, razor-clawed glory. In fairness, the deliberate crudeness of the Lego model was not fully illustrative of the final CG creation.

The Lego Movie – Lord Business’ Evil Lair

It’s not the fact that the set reveals the fate of Good Cop/Bad Cop’s parents, because that’s merely incidental. It’s more that it has, very prominently, a tube of glue with the letters ‘Kragle’ showing. The fact that Kragle meant ‘Krazy Glue’ with some of the letters erased was the central, long-running gag/mystery of the film.

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull – Temple of the Crystal Skull


The plot of the fourth Indiana Jones movie was kept very carefully under wraps. There were rumours that it involved aliens but it was never confirmed… that is until Lego released a set showing a trio of alien creatures just sitting around. Even though the film was dreadful, this was the final twist.

Ant-Man – The Final Battle

The use of the words ‘final battle’ is a bit of a giveaway. It shows that the villain will use the ‘yellow jacket’ to shrink down to microscopic size to fight Ant-Man. However, it also includes a figure of Hank Pym and, unless we’re misremembering the final, he doesn’t actually wear his suit. So maybe it’s less a spoiler and more a red herring.

Iron Man 3 – Malibu Mansion Attack

The depiction of Tony Stark’s mansion being destroyed by The Mandarin was not a particularly big spoiler, as that had been shown in the trailers, but the fact that one of the figures was Iron Man, but on closer examination actually contained Pepper Potts’ head rather than Tony Stark’s, gave away a little bit too much to viewers.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Fountain of Youth

So the entire plot of the film is a quest to find the Fountain of Youth. They find it, evidently. To be fair, the film is absolute dog vomit so ruining the plot is no great loss.

Toy Story 3 – Trash Compactor Escape

The emotional fulcrum of the entire movie – the entire series so far, in fact – is the scene in which the entire toy gang looks certain to be destroyed in an incinerator. Don’t worry, though. Lego spared you the most emotional cinematic moment of 2010 by releasing a set called Trash Compactor Escape which showed the aliens using a crane to rescue them. Great.

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