Sex! Gorillas! Basketball! The New Tame Impala Video Is Brilliantly Weird

So, here it is, people: the video of 2015. Nay – the video of the decade. Nay! The greatest music video of all time! Goodbye, ‘Thriller’! Au revior, ‘Hurt’! Farewell, ‘Hotline Bling’!

Video directors, take note: the winning formula for a music video has been set by the incredibly-insane clip to Tame Impala’s irresistibly funky new single, ‘The Less I Know The Better’, which dropped on the band’s Vevo account last night. You need a dysfunctional boy/girl romance, a load of paint, a basketball court, and – the key ingredient – a gorilla costume.

Here it is, in all its glory:


Phew. Quite a 6 minutes or so, right? Let’s go over a few of the key points of the video before you watch it again. Because you will watch it again. And again. And again.

Trevor’s identity is finally revealed

The lad that Kevin Parker decries in the song is actually a King Kong-sized Mr. Steal-Your-Girl character, who has a side job as the White Huskies’ basketball team mascot. Obviously. His middle-finger salute to our jilted protagonist (2:00) is particularly memorable.

The sex is overwhelming

From the tone-altering oral sex scene to the bizarre gyration between chief cheerleader and Trevor in a ball pit of inflatable bananas and basketballs – and let’s not forget the hand-drawn animation sequence that involves lots of parted legs and the phallic presence of the Empire State Building – it’s a hot affair.


The paint budget must’ve been off the (colour) chart

Our intrepid basketballer, horrified by the prospect of losing his girlfriend to the school mascot, proceeds to throw up a smattering of paint, which trickles down to form part of an all-over, Dulux-dominated covering of a girl. It’s a typically psychedelic (by Tame Impala’s standards, anyway) yet strangely symbolic scene that’ll leave you feeling both impressed and slightly weirded out.

The gorilla jumps through a hoop of fire to score a slam dunk

Yes he does.

And there’s a final showdown between our plucky hero and the bastard gorilla

Who knew you could pierce a hole through someone in a gorilla costume by chucking a basketball at their chest? Never mind gorillas, this music video is possibly a GOAT – the Greatest Of All Time.