Sex Pistols, Spice Girls, Half Of The Beatles – Surely The Olympics Can Do Better Than That?

What did you think of the news, from The Sun, that plans could be afoot to reform The Beatles for the Olympics? Aside from the veracity of the claims (Murdoch’s sanctioning of a phone tap on clairvoyants in touch with Lennon beyond the grave couldn’t be confirmed or denied at time of writing), it’s not really quite the big deal it’s been made out to be.


For starters, of course, there’s only two members of the four left, one of which is Ringo. And the pair have appeared on stage together pretty recently. Children of Lennon and Harrison are mooted to join in, but while Sean Lennon has made some truly brilliant music (‘Dead Meat’ for starters) we’re not really batting in the same ballpark. Watching Jason Bonham play is fun, but it’s hardly Bonzo.

“The Beatles” aside, the rest of the rumoured line-up is an embarrassment. Aging punks and butter connoisseurs The Sex Pistols might stop by during their neverending nostalgia tour while Coldplay and Girls Aloud are among the whispered line-up, despite protestations from the latter that their ten year reformation will take place elsewhere. And in a somewhat depressing move, The Spice Girls are also in the frame. Come on world, sing along with us: ” I really really really wanna zigazig ha”.

All we need now is Robbie doing ‘Rudebox’ in its entirity, Brian May parachuting in performing ‘God Save The Queen’ on guitar, Cheggers on compere duty and a live re-enaction of Noel’s House Party featuring the cast of The Only Way Is Essex and a selection of X Factor rejects to really show off our heritage. Is Louie Spence free?

The Olympic concerts represent a massive opportunity for the UK. We may not get close to the scale and magnitude of Beijing’s extravaganza, but surely we can cash in on our world class musical heritage and bring out some big guns. If The Smiths are ever going to do it, now would be the time. And can’t Seb Coe get Jimmy Page on the blower to put some pressure on another Led Zep appearance?

So who do you want to see open up the first London Olympics since 1948?