Shania Twain stans found that Wolf Alice tweet – and they’re not happy

The unlikeliest album beef of 2017 is coming to a head

Last Friday, north London’s Wolf Alice released their second album ‘Visions of a Life‘, the brilliant follow-up to their 2015 UK Number Two album ‘My Love Is Cool’. They looked like a dead cert for UK Number One this time round, but the Canadian country-pop icon Shania Twain also put out an album last week – it’s called ‘Now’ – and over the past three days Shania has overtaken Wolf Al’s lead.

A couple of days ago, asking for help with the race, Wolf Al drummer Joel Amey put out a funny plea on Facebook detailing how he’d been forced to line-dance to Shania Twain’s music in year 4, and asking people to help him escape the shadow of Shania by getting ‘Visions…’ to Number One.

Then Wolf Alice’s Twitter account shared the story, and all hell broke loose among the Shania stans.

Some didn’t seem to get Joel’s post was a light-hearted joke:

Some told straight-up lies – Wolf Al have charted in the USA, Austria and the Netherlands among others.

One brutal fan said they were worse than ‘Barbie Girl’ hitmakers Aqua:

This one used the problematic word ‘cockblock’:

Some mocked:

Some took pride in their ignorance:

This bold one told Wolf Al to buy Shania’s album:

And this one seemed to be celebrating Mean Girls Day:

Looks like Joel regrets his story now.

If you want to help Wolf Alice get their first UK Number One – and why the hell wouldn’t you? – you can buy their new album here.