Sharks Are Here To Eat Your Entire Face (And Give You A Free MP3)

Though a little out of step with NFTU due to being very… well, less of the ripping punk rock persuasion, I introduce to you Birmingham’s Sharks.

Metro Station), Sharks punish you for being so judgemental through the flawless quality of tunes seemingly effortlessly churned out.

While high street fashion outlets are selling Sex Pistols T-shirts for £20 (give it six months before us ‘true punx’ can acquire DIY tattoo kits from ASOS) – and on a less sour note, Hackney punks The King Blues are on BBC 2 – could this sort of punk band be kicking out of our magazine’s front-page anytime soon?


I say ‘Why fucking not.’

Catch them on tour throughout July with NFTU favourites The Ghost Of A Thousand.

Download Sharks‘ ‘It Threatens’ here.

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