‘Sharp Objects’ Season 2: Will there be a new series?

Warning: major spoilers for Sharp Objects Season 1 below

Sharp Objects has been a slow-burning revelation. The show’s first run was full of twists and turns, but on Sunday we finally found out who was culpable for the murders in Windgap, Missouri. But only if you really stuck around to the very end.

With Season 1 all wrapped up, we tackle the big questions left with us after the finale, and whether there will be a Sharp Objects Season 2.

So, who was the murderer?


In the series’ final episode, Camille (Amy Adams) and Amma (Eliza Scanlen)’s mother Adora (Patricia Clarkson) was arrested and imprisoned for the death of Anna and Natalie and, the two local girls that had died in the town over the last few years. It’d long been hinted that the Crellin family were involved, and considering the suspicious death of Camille’s sister, Marian, as a child, seeing Adora behind bars felt like a satisfying ending. Too satisfying.

In the last few moments of the show, it was revealed that Amma had actually killed the girls – admitting so when she told Camille “don’t tell Momma,” when the girls’ teeth were found by Camille in Amma’s dollshouse. If there was any doubt whether mother or daughter had done the deed, the mid-credits scene put that to rest.

In it, we see some pretty brutal footage of Amma strangling all three girls. Mae, her latest victim, in an alleyway, Ann in the woods and Natalie in her home – that explains the blood stain on the floor of the Keene home.

It leaves some pretty big questions unanswered, though. Firstly, did Adora know? Is she taking the rap for Amma in prison, and is that why she still seems in awe of her mother? Considering the control Adora had over her youngest daughter, there’s a big chance that she must have at least known, and maybe even approved of these grizzly acts.

Or perhaps she’s culpable in a different way. The last episode showed how Adora would deliberately make her own children sick and dependent on her, which eventually caused the death of Camille’s sister, Marianne. In the final episode, Camille was either poisoned like Amma, or faked an illness to protect her. It was revealed that Adora had been feeding her children with antifreeze and rat poison – which Amma seemed to have built up a tolerance for over the years. Did this poison destabilise Amma? Or was the psychotic streak always there?

Will there be a Season 2?


So here’s the biggie – we don’t officially know yet. The series was based on Gillian Flynn’s debut novel of the same name and there hasn’t been a sequel to this particular story. The story continues further beyond the last scenes of the show. In the book, Amma is imprisoned and explains her actions vaguely, while Camille is taken in by Curry, her editor, and his wife Eileen, and given the caring family environment she craved.

Last month, showrunner Marti Noxon suggested that a new series wasn’t being discussed at all, but now is saying “I mean, I never say never, I guess,” in a recent interview. That’s not a glowing endorsement of the possibility, but not an outright denial.

Would the same cast feature?

That’s the problem that Noxon seems to be suggesting will stand in its way. “I think for us, it’s less about whether… you know, that team, it was pretty hard to assemble in the first place. The idea of doing [that again] seems next to impossible,” she told Vanity Fair.

Its worth noting, however, that Sharp Objects’ series director Jean-Marc Vallée was adamant that another of his shows, Big Little Lies, would not return – only for it to be commissioned for a second series. Vallée did leave the show, in fairness, but as proved – nothing is truly over where Hollywood is concerned.

Vallée went into more detail about the chance of Sharp Objects Season 2 in an interview with Vulture and it doesn’t look great. “Would I do season two? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe. It’s meant to be a limited TV series and I have other projects, so I think I’m gonna be somewhere else. No, I won’t. I’d love to work with all these people again. Every one of them. But let’s do something else.

Stay tuned for any potential updates.