Is Sheryl Crow’s song about not being dead the best thing she’s ever done?

"Dude. I'm still alive"

In this age of Fake News, it’s difficult to distinguish between truth or falsehood, reality or fantasy, reliable reporting or simple clickbait. Did Trump really collude with Russia? Have Arcade Fire actually released their own fidget spinner? Who even knows anymore?

When Kid Rock recently announced that he was running for the Senate in the US, it was easy to be unsure how to take it. Was it real? Was it fake? Should we laugh? Should we cry? Shall we just close our eyes and hope that the past twelve months have just been a really, really long and godawful dream?

But one tweet in response to the news posed another important question: is Sheryl Crow alive or dead? Twitter user @TunaCatsup opened the debate, sharing an image of Kid Rock’s campaign logo and saying that Rock’s former duet partner and rumoured ex-girlfriend Crow “must be rolling in her grave right now”.


Wait – what? Is Crow actually dead? If we can’t take the BBC or CNN as fact, how can we believe what a Google search or Wikipedia entry tells us either?

Crow was keen to remind everyone that she is safe and well. “Dude. I’m still alive,” she exclaimed in a brilliantly succinct retort.

Sheryl didn’t stop there. A day and nearly 100,000 retweets later, Crow was back at it, turning her now infamous tweet into what’s possibly the best song she’s released since the ’90s. “If Kid Rock runs for Senate, I wouldn’t be surprised. But not over my dead body, ’cause dude, I’m still alive!”, Crow sings in a live session clip, milking that very last drop of sweet, sweet virality.


So there we have it, straight from the Crow’s mouth: Sheryl Crow is in fact still alive. We’re as sure as we can be.

Kid Rock, meanwhile, hasn’t yet responded to the whole saga, but he has been busy posting his own favourite memes about himself. Like the brilliant one above.