Show and tell: Marmozets on Elvis, ABBA, Tide Pods and more

We show 'em the big things in life, they tell us what they think

Bingley rock five-piece Marmozets are back with their massive second album Knowing What You Know Now, the follow-up to 2014’s stupendous The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets. A huge step up for the band, it’s a little bit math rock with bone-crushing riffs thrown in for good measure. We’re big fans of the record at NME, with our four-star review noting that “their complex, time signature-hopping riffs and rebellious, catchy lyrics help the Yorkshire quintet stand out as a band who refuse to be pigeonholed”. We concluded: “[The record] marks Marmozets out as a band who aren’t afraid to play with their sound.”

Are they afraid to play a game of ‘Show and Tell’ with NME, though? There’s only one way to find out! We showed Jack and Becca from the band some choice images, from the totally random – Tide Pods! Netflix! Mayonnaise! – to those that represent things that are relevant to the band. Little did we know this would lead to a recommendation for vegans condiments, proclamations of tribal identity and a hair-raising anecdote about an angel delight-loving monkey. The duo didn’t approve of the Tide Pod challenge, which sees Youtubers dine on detergent, though Jack sagely noted: “They’ll have clean insides.”