Sights & Sounds – First Ever UK Tour!

Listen up, Comeback Kid’s front fella and all round Canadian hardcore lovely Andrew Neufeld never stops touring. Like ever. Just loves a good trip round the world and he’s not really been home for a year. A BLOODY YEAR.

So what does he do when Comeback Kid chill out? He takes his other (really very good) band Sights & Sounds on the road. You may well have their début album ‘Monolith’ already – a 60-minute escapade into every element of rock.

(Picture nicked off Myspace)

It entails epic and atmospheric moments lingering in between softer, acoustic experiments and killer compositions; it sounds BIG. Queue metal and post-hardcore influences along with raspy yet melodic vocals. S&S have certainly put some worthy graft into ‘Monolith’; it’s beautifully detailed and consequently a bit addictive.

Put it in yer Christmas stocking and you’ll see what I mean. Oh, you can’t wait 61 days? Have a peek at the video for ‘Reconcile’ here then:

I like this record lots, so made Andrew talk to me whilst he was eating pizza in Italy. Yeah, but well, I was eating a banana in Manchester. So there.

Anyway, he said things like this, “It’s my first time in Europe as Sights & Sounds, I’m really excited because although I’ve been to most of the cities on this 40-day tour before, the rest of my band are experiencing it for the first time. We’re 3/4 of the way done now and kind of wrapping up, about to get to the UK. Feeling pretty optimistic because our label’s done an awesome job getting the band name out there and we’re finally breaking the ice on this side of the world.”

The band are completed by Andrew’s brother and drummer Joel Neufeld, guitarist Adrian Mottram and bassist Matthew Howes. Seeing these boys play ‘Monolith’ live is probably an awesome reason to leave the house, even when it’s dark and cold and wet outside and you’d rather stab your own nipple with a Bic biro than let the wind cause you similar pain (seriously someone invent heated vests/bras).

Their first ever UK tour starts in Cardiff tomorrow, so be good people and pay Sights & Sounds a visit whilst they’re here. October tour dates are as follows:

26th – Cardiff, Barfly
27th – Leeds, Joseph’s Well
28th – Brighton, Engine Room
29th – London, Underworld
30th – Nottingham, Rock City
31st – Plymouth, White Rabbit