Simian Mobile Disco – Why Most Live Dance Acts Are LIARS!

I went to see Simian Mobile Disco at Koko last night. It was tip-top, as per. Admittedly it felt a little queer ‘experiencing’ the shards of ungodly neon flame and atomic sub-bass belches sucker-punching my temples accompanied by a satsuma and a bottled mineral water rather than a nose-bag full of slack-jaw crystals, as most revellers seemed to have.

But all in all, a far more authentic ‘live dance’ experience than you may have grown to expect.

Before they went onstage we had a little natter.

Here’s James and Jas discussing how most live dance acts are filthy rotten liars, and what it’s like inside the Daft Punk pyramid:

Here they are talking about why everyone’s gone tipping crazy this year, and why pop finally is eating itself: