Simian Mobile Disco’s Scene Report – Dancefloor Dreaming

Simian Mobile Disco DJ at the warehouse party launch of Chrome Hoof‘s new album tonight (Friday June 4) in London. More details here.
Here the duo discuss their latest favourite tracks.

If there’s one current dancefloor trend that we can’t help but be aware of, it’s the fact that disco just refuses to wane in popularity. At the moment people are particularly into the freaky disco sound mainly coming out of Norway. That stuff is all over the place, which is peculiar, because it’s not that immediate. It’ll be interesting to see if it goes overground and gets commercialized, as it seems to be heading that way.

For instance there’s a guy called Tensnake from Hamburg who’s getting a lot of hype, especially with his new EP, ‘Coma Cat’ on Permanent Vacation. Most of the disco that we’re into tends to be darker and more cosmic – it can be good to have in the box incase you are playing an earlier warm up set.

There’s a load of good techno knocking around too and it seems people are finally stepping away from the noisier electro stuff, it’s certainly where we first started – the early stuff on the Warp Records label, like LFO, was a huge influence on SMD, as was the first wave of stuff that came out of Detroit.

An example of this that we’re really into at the moment is a French chap called Clement Meyer. He’s doing this kind of druggy, moody sound which only works on a certain type of dancefloor.

A great new techno track that we’ve been playing is called “Red Alert” by Ben Klock. It starts with these amazing bell sounds which disintegrate into a great loopy bassline, it really does ‘the business’ when played out through a big system. Another big track at the moment is ‘Nous Somme MMM’ by MMM. Its has a really wonky, unpredictable structure and we’ve heard everyone from Brodinski to Villalobos play it out.

While it may have become a dirty word, there’s actually some decent new bits of IDM [Intelligent Dance Music] emerging. Autechre are a group that always seem to deliver, and their new album ‘Oversteps’ is no exception- but of course it’s not something that would be hard to work into a DJ set. Sitting more in between the bedroom and the danceloor is yet another German producer we’re loving called Pantha du Prince.

‘Behind the Stars’, off his new record, ‘Black Noise’, is amazing. He’s definitely at the more cerebral end of the dance spectrum. There’s an infectious dreamy, wooziness to his stuff. Really complex but beautiful. On a similar tip is the new Caribou album where he seems to be channeling the spirit of Arthur Russel. Definitely worth checking out.

SMD’s Top 5
1. Tensnake – ‘Theunknown’
2. Ben Klock – ‘Red Alert’
3. Pantha du Prince – ‘Behind The Stars’
4. Oni Ayhun – ‘OAR004’
5. Autechre – ‘Oversteps’