Simon Cowell Faces The NME Readers – What Do You Want To Ask?

As we revealed a while back, X Factor boss and megamillionaire pop mogul Simon Cowell is shortly to face the music – and answer questions posed by you lot, via, @NMEmagazine on Twitter, and on this here blog.

You can ask him absolutely anything so dig deep and think what would you put to the man if you had a private audience with him?

Simon Cowell

Why did he keep Jedward in? Would he have Jedward round to tea? Does he see a younger version of himself in the enthusiastic Jedward?

Was he really a runner on ‘The Shining’? How much is he worth? How do we solve Afganistan? Will he be at Robbie’s wedding? Has he ever been naked in public?

You get the drift. So – fire away!