Sir David Attenborough Narrating Adele’s ‘Hello’ Video Is A Must-Watch

There’s sometimes nothing better than lying in bed – possibly whilst hideously hungover – loading up iPlayer, and letting some gentle imagery about nature’s awesome beauty soothe the pain. The core ingredient is, arguably, the dulcet narration of Sir David Attenborough – his near-whispered descriptions are so easily digestible that, come Monday morning, you’ll likely find yourself able to tell your work colleagues all about the biological make-up of the predatory Humboldt squid.

But what if Sir David turned his narrative powers to the common music video? Well, that’s the very idea that some genius down at BBC Radio 1 cooked up yesterday, leading to Greg James inviting his guest to commentate on the opening dramatic salvo of Adele’s video for ‘Hello’.

And yes, it really is the gift that keeps on giving: from Sir David worryingly asking, “Won’t Adele be cross with me?” to the rather apt conclusion that, “The lesser-spotted Adele is about to be everywhere again”, it’ll probably be the best two minutes that you’ll spend on the internet today.


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