Wretch 32 & Avelino On How To Nail A Live Rap Show

From Thursday March 17 to Tuesday March 22, adidas Originals is taking over the BL-NK venue on Curtain road in east London and creating futurehouse: six days of music, film, talks and workshops with Wretch 32 & Avelino, Blossoms, Kano and more. Tickets are available from myfuture.is. Prepare to be inspired.

Tonight (Mar 17), London MCs Wretch 32 & Avelino, who collaborated on last year’s explosive ‘Young Fire Old Flame’ mixtape, play at the BL-NK venue on a line-up that includes Joey Bada$$, Annie Mac and Snakehips. The MC duo talk us through the art of nailing a live rap show.

Be Classy
Avelino: “Balance energy with class, so not only do you see the bangers go off, but you leave feeling it was executed with brilliance. When I toured with Stormzy he brought out a violinist for his version of Kano’s ‘Ghetto Kyote’ – that was a touch of brilliance.”


Believe in your talent
Wretch 32: “You want people to respect you and you wanna respect yourself. I believe I’m good. I’m trying to deliver a world-class performance, I’m not gonna come and do a semi-pro show. I’m trying to be the best in every field and I think people have gotta feel that.”

Be believable
Wretch 32: “People believe people who are believable. It sounds silly to say, but if you look like you’re having fun it encourages people. You see them covering their mouths, teary-eyed when you’re telling an emotional story, or with their eyes closed and shit, zoning out to the music.”

Respect your message
Wretch 32: “Making sure your microphone is mad clear is essential. If the people can’t hear you then they can’t feel you. Always strive to feel the song’s emotions.”
Avelino: “The way you hold the microphone is important. I’ve only ever forgotten lyrics in rehearsals. It’s like football: Wayne Rooney might be lazy in training but he steps up to the plate on match day.”

Use your body
Avelino: “I try to make eye contact with everyone in the room. Posture is a big thing too – make sure your body language is dominant and inviting at the same time.”
Wretch 32: “People feeding off your energy is mad important, so the more energy you have, the more they feel they have to keep up.”