Six Reasons Why The Spice Girls Reunion Is Going To Be The Highlight Of 2017

So by now you’ve probably heard that the fiercest women on the planet (yes, I place them ahead of Tyra Banks and Beyoncé), The Spice Girls, are reuniting for ONE NIGHT at Hyde Park next July, according to The Sun. Tomorrow will be the 20th anniversary of their debut single ‘Wannabe’, which has been streamed on Spotify 94 million times. Fair to say Girl Power is going strong.

As it stands, we may be a few girls short of a Spice rack, as only Mel B, Geri Horner (Halliwell) and Emma Bunton are confirmed for the reunion gig, having booked the Hyde Park concert together at Geri’s house in London. So that’s Ginger, Scary and Baby confirmed, and Posh and Sporty to harass and cajole for a year. Because this idea that they can just be replaced by us auditioning commoners is laughable. These women are queens, and we are not, and a pair of Victoria’s sunglasses won’t change that.

But seriously, whatever you may have thought of the Spicies back in the day there are some very clear reasons why this is going to be a gig of epic significance. Let me tell you those reasons right now.

1. It will be 21 years since the release of ‘Wannabe’
I was less than one year old when this iconic track was released in 1996. You may think that this meant Spice Mania passed me by, but in reality it meant that my first ever album was a tape recording of ‘Wannabe’ passed down from my older siblings. It was glorious; a track anyone, child or adult, could instantly fall in love with, or at the very least, get earwormed by. A year on from my own 21st birthday, I want to be celebrating the coming of age story of the song that re-defined pop.

2. It will be the feminist-girl-power party of your dreams
If you’re not happy with the state of female representation in the media, you’ve probably heard of the Bechdel test, used by film critics to determine the ‘feminist’ rating of a movie. You could think about the Hyde Park gig as something like a real life Bechdel test, where an entire stadium of women will talk to each other about their love for one of the most empowering girl groups of all time. I’m also holding out for a Beyoncé “FEMINIST” backdrop moment.

3. MØ might warm up and cameo
Once upon a time, Danish pop songstress MØ was in a punk band. Before that, she sang along and dressed up as The Spice Girls with her mates. She was about seven years old. Back in 2014, MØ released a cover of ‘Say You’ll Be There’, complete with home VHS footage of baby Karen and co doing a dance routine. It might just be enough to earn her a position on the lineup.

4. They’ll speak up about equal pay and violence against women
Earlier this week, sustainable development group The Global Goals released a remake of the video to ‘Wannabe’, drawing attention towards the plight of woman and girls across the world. Four of the Spicies have shared and promoted the video on social media, so hopefully the campaign will get a shout out at the reunion.

5. They will arrive by parachute, or something
At their 2012 Olympics closing ceremony performance they arrived in secret in mysterious black cabs that LIT UP, then when the girls emerged, the world went into shut down, because it was all a bit too exciting. If the Hyde Park concert’s ever going to top that, it needs to do something even cooler, like having the girls arrive on jewelled clouds.

6. They’ll bring the country together
A year on from Brexit, and the divides between Remain and Leave supporters and politicians could be deeper than ever. But everyone likes The Spice Girls (don’t they?). Whether or not the Union Jack dress will be relevant following more independence referendums however, remains to be seen.