Sleeping Songs – The Tracks That Make You Go Zzzzzzz

Do you use music to help you go to sleep? What does the trick? And if you don’t, what do you reckon would bring on the slumber of the innocent? Handy motel chain Travelodge has been surveying its drowsy punters again and found out which songs get them nodding off. The results aren’t exactly stacked with surprises.

Topping the poll for the second year on the trot is Adele, this time with Bond theme ‘Skyfall’. In fact, the Grammy-hoarder appears three times in the soporific top five, turning up at two with ‘Someone Like You’ and four with ‘Chasing Pavements’, while previous winners Coldplay are at five with ‘Fix You’ and Emeli Sandé, of course, chips in at three with her Labrinth duet ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’.

This is meant to be a good thing. These are the songs that relax the 2,500 punters questioned in the poll, not songs so dreary you can’t stay conscious for their full two verses and three choruses. Still, whether you like them or not, they hit you like a pillow.

We can do better than this though, right? From, well, half the last Bon Iver album to returning darlings Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’, we can find songs that soothe us without boring the life out of us. Let’s pool our hypnotic resources and come up with a list of the best sleep-bringing songs. What tracks help you nod off?