A new Slipknot album approaches – here’s everything we know so far

The Iowa metallers are prepping their sixth full-length

Icons of the metal world since their mid-90s emergence, news of a new Slipknot album is enough to send most metalheads into a headbanging frenzy. With details on a sixth record beginning to trickle in, Corey Taylor and co.’s frantic fanbase are about to have a whole lot to get excited about.

Below, we round up everything we know about the impending return of the masked metal troupe. We’ll keep this page updated.

When’s it gonna be released?

While a concrete release date is not yet known, frontman Corey Taylor has revealed that 2019 could be the year. “I know that we’re gonna try and put an album out next year – however, that is all speculation,” he told Billboard back in April. “The best way to make God laugh is to announce your plans out loud. So I’m just going with the flow. The plan right now is next year but that is a huge plan because we still haven’t narrowed anything down, so we will definitely see what happens.”

Are they working on it already?

Slipknot entered some kind of studio back in April, if this Twitter post of Shaun ‘The Clown’ Crahan and Taylor is to be believed – what’s more, it backs up those ‘next year’ rumours. Exciting stuff indeed. In a more recent Kerrang! Q&A session, though, Taylor said that nothing will be put to tape until the start of 2019. “I have fantastic news,” he said. “Some of you know, but I’ll just make it official right now: we are working on a new album. It’s only in the demo stages right now, however we have very serious, tentative plans to go into the studio at the beginning of next year and get this fucking going.”

Speaking to NME last year, Crahan also let loose a little more info on their writing process. “Every three or four months we’ve been getting together and we’ve been writing for up to 30 days,” he said back in August 2017. “Currently, we have about 27 pieces of work – about seven or eight are completed. They’re not completed songs, that’s far from the truth. That’s where people start fighting over Corey Taylor not being there or Jim wanting to do something else. We as artists have demanded that we get together every three or four months and blow our brains out with art. We’ve been trying to create as much art as possible.”

Is there a title?

Not yet, but with Corey Taylor and his bandmates leaking details left, right and centre, expect it to emerge soon enough.

What will it sound like?

Heavy as fuck, apparently. Speaking in that Kerrang! Q&A session, Taylor compared it to arguable career highlight ‘Iowa’. “We have 16 songs written right now and they are fucking dangerous,” he said. “I loved ‘.5’, but this album, to me, makes ‘.5’ look like nobody’s business. This is ‘Iowa’ levels of heavy. And I have to go out and tour this shit at my age – I can feel those songs in my back!”

It’ll be emotionally heavy, too, with Taylor also adding that his lyrics on the band’s new songs are “some of the best [he’s] ever written.” “It’s been a heavy couple of years for me personally,” he said. “So I’m working out some things, personally for myself, which has been great. I’ve been able to grab ahold of some of the depression that I’ve been fighting and formulate the way that I want to describe it. It’s probably the most I’ve shared in years.”

How’s the mood in Camp ‘Knot?

Predictably, revved up. “I will give you this – we have decided to do things differently,” Clown told NME about their next album. “Our label had been bought and sold, people who used to give me advice are gone now, we’re still standing. We’re not going to wait around for Corey Taylor to say that he’s ready, no one’s going to wait for me to finish directing a movie, the same thing goes if someone wants to go out on tour with someone else.”

However, there’s been some speculation that this could be the last Slipknot record, too. “We got some stuff, man,” said Crahan when speaking to The Jasta Show podcast. “I feel like this could be it for me. We’re all getting older. I never like telling anyone like, ‘Hey this is it!’ Because I don’t have to, fuck everyone.

“But like I’ve said, I’ve been reflecting and there’s a lot of hard things that I could say about friends, brothers… We’re good, but it’s a big world. I’ve done enough work, I’ve produced and done remixes and art and performed, I’ve done enough where while I was in it none of it was registered.” Clown added: “This could be it for me. I’ve done enough work.”

He backed up the statements in an NME interview too: “I’m not gonna be like, ‘Farewell tour!’ then come back. Never say those words to fans – you have to come back if you say that. For me it’s like, I’m going to go fishing indefinitely.”