Snowbombing 2012 – 10 Things We Learned

Snowbombing returned to the Alps last week as hundreds of bands, DJs, and club kids in fancy dress descended on the sleepy and always unprepared town of Mayrhofen for another dose of week-long partying and as much winter sports as their endorphin-deprived bodies could handle. Across the valley, Tirolean hotels and wood-panelled restaurants were swarmed by TV characters and Olympic heroes as punters from Britain, the US and Australia embraced this year’s themes.

All images by Danny North, Ashley Bird, Louise Roberts and Andrew Whitton at Burst event photography


Mr Motivator ran fitness classes 3,000 feet up, Storm Troopers pulled 360 degree jumps at the Vans trick park, Pat Sharpe got hammered at the welcome drinks, Fatboy Slim brought chaos to the street party and Dizzee Rascal closed proceedings in the woods. Business as usual then. Here’s a few things we learnt.

UKG’s comeback is here to stay
Mistajam’s Friday night forest rave was jam-packed with retro UK Garage tunes. He played tantalisingly short snippets of Craig David, Oxide & Neutrino and So Solid Crew’s ’21 Seconds’ to an appreciative mass before “taking it from Ayia Napa to Ibiza” and dropping ATB’s ‘9pm (Til I Come)’. The retro thrills continued into the wormhole with The Fugees’ ‘Ready Or Not’ before some massiiive jungle tunes.

England needs some Austrian butcher shops
Mayrhofen’s Gasser, a “fleisch und wurst” shop full of ribs, sausages, schnitzels and assorted cold cuts, is otherwise known as Hans The Butcher’s and features a moustachioed man mountain called Hans who’s become a local legend. If we could have brought him home to cook meaty treats for us after big nights out we would have.

Dizze Rascal’s stock is down

While his Florence track and ‘Dance Wiv Me‘ went down alright, there was a Snoop-shaped hole in the Friday night that fireworks, lasers and relentless exortions to “the lunatics” to make themselves known couldn’t fill. The response to his Friday forest rave was muted, and nothing like last year’s reaction to The Prodigy at the same venue.

Watching naked people attempt ski jumps will always be funny
Sure, it’s cool to see a Storm Trooper or Iron Man fall arse over tit in the ice, or a man dressed as a tit make an arse of himself for five euros from the compere, but nothing beats the sight of a bloke in nowt but a Where’s Wally hat dig his genitalia into some snow white slush for fun. It was a case of Where’s Willy and he wasn’t the only one.

Labrinth is set to blow up even further

There was big love and big cheers during his early evening Friday night set, and it wasn’t just down to the naked blokes that had climbed the nearby mountain and made themselves known.


DJ Shadow is a genius
If you’ve seen his show you’ll know why. Zane Lowe the same night was pretty decent too.

Old favourites die hard

There were a fair few returning veterans playing this year, from Mr Motivator to Fatboy Slim and The Whip, and the ‘bombers lapped them all up afresh. To be fair, ‘Trash’ is still a tune.

Alpine air mellows people out
While thousands of pissed Brits, bemused locals and a rural timewarp of a town make unlikely bedfellows, this year’s Snowbombers did us proud. No fights, nothing broken, no Polizei tearing through the streets – everything was mellow. There’s an atmosphere at Snowbombing that some UK promoters might want to bottle and distribute.

Norman Jay should play the Olympics

While we’re not suggesting he’s up there with the, ahem, talent booked thus far, his Good Times soundsystem would set a nice vibe for the whole thing and wouldn’t go amiss somewhere in Stratford this summer. Ditto Skream & Benga.

Apres ski can be more fun than ski
Or at least here it can. While digging your face into the ground is fun for a few hours, supping Jaeger drinks in an igloo while Mr Scruff does his thing beats it hands down. As does heading to a rooftop hot tub to watch last night’s DJs blaze through spliffs the size of carrots.

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